Rising Tide and the future of New Horizons

Rising Tide puts the development of New Horizons at a crossroads. I have multiple ideas for how to proceed, but I have always valued the feedback from people who play my mods, and this seems like an ideal time to solicit feedback. The Rising Tide expansion provides a great opportunity for me to revisit and adjust some of the core aspects of New Horizons. Whether you love the mod, only liked parts of it, or didn’t like it at all, I want to hear from you. With your help, I can make the Rising Tide version of this mod better than before.

Should New Horizons be broken up into modular parts?

My first option is simply to break New Horizons up into multiple mods. For example, I could release “New Horizons: Virtues” and “New Horizons: Military” separately, allowing people to play with only the parts they like. One advantage of this approach is that it will likely take me less time to move the parts over to Rising Tide.

What parts or aspects of New Horizons that you feel should be changed or kept?

Similarly, I am interested in identifying which specific parts of the mod that people strongly liked or disliked. I want to make sure that I keep the most popular parts intact for the next version, and identifying the more controversial aspects will give me good ideas on how to proceed.

Should New Horizons be rebuilt from the ground up?

Starting almost from scratch would allow the mod to play to the strengths of Rising Tide rather than carry over the assumptions from the base game of Beyond Earth.  But it would take much longer and result in a different experience.  Would you prefer a revolution or a mere evolution?

One possible revolution that I’ve been thinking about is having Old Earth send radio messages with the seeding ships.  Due to the time and distances involved when the seeding ships land they have a century of signal from Old Earth compressed on their ship’s computers.  This signal would be a history of Old Earth — all the desperate research on instantaneous communication and teleportation which the colony would try to gather and study to advance.  But the signal would become harder to find and its contents more haunting as resources dry up on Old Earth and panic begins.  Until the day the signal runs out and calls the fate of Old Earth into question — is it gone for good, or could the colony possibly save their first home?

With all of that in mind, tell me what you want to see in future versions of New Horizons!  You can post in the CivFanatics thread, use the form below or leave a comment.


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