New Horizons: Virtues (RT) released!

NewHorizonsVirtues_splashNew Horizons: Virtues is a Rising Tide compatible mod that changes all the Virtues.  It includes a new Virtue Health system and new Virtue trees: Security, Expansion, Development and Commerce.

You can find the mod on Steam Workshop or CivFanatics thread.

Virtue Health

No Virtue within the trees provides Health. Instead Health comes from the synergy Virtues. Every depth-based synergy and tier 1 synergy provides Health.  Players can follow different paths down various combinations of the Virtue trees without crippling their Health.


1 vir_securityBeat back the alien menace and claim the planet as your own with Security!  This tree is for colonies that want to control the land, sea and space.  In boosts military and orbital units.  Ensuring a strong army and strong economy to back them up.


2 vir_expansionCivilize the frontier with Expansion!  This tree provides rewards that help young cities develop rapidly and support continuous rapid expansion.  With lots of per-city bonuses the larger the colony the larger the rewards.  Make your colony stretch from horizon to horizon.


3 vir_developmentThe most successful colonies know that it is people are its most valuable asset.  With Development bustling cities will pour untold riches into your coffers and construct wonders that are the envy of the world.  With rewards for each new population and surplus Health focusing on continuous population growth is key to achieving success.


4 vir_commerceSpecialize and trade between your cities or other stations and colonies.  And if you can’t get what you want by hook you can try by crook with Covert Ops.  As a master of financial trickery you can use Deficit Spending to earn Energy by spending Energy!

Known Issues

None at this time.


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