The role of Trade Routes in Rising Tide

Balance_of_Trade_splashI’ve just released the Balance of Trade mod to the Workshop (CivFanatics thread here).  It implements radical changes to how trade routes work.  The mod is an example of the kind of changes I plan to include in the Rising Tide version of New Horizons.  By releasing it separately folks will have a chance to try it out and – if it is a successful experiment – it will be incorporated into New Horizons.  Rather than repeat the workshop page here I instead want to do a deep dive into the problems with Trade Routes in Rising Tide and how Balance of Trade seeks to solve them.

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New Horizons: Loadouts (RT) released!

NewHorizons_Loadouts_splashNew Horizons: Loadouts is a Rising Tide compatible mod that changes all the Colonists, Cargo and Spacecraft. It includes a total of 7 Colonists, 7 Cargo and 7 Spacecraft options.

You can find the mod on Steam Workshop or CivFanatics thread.  Each of the new options can be seen in the screen shot below.

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