Announcing: “Echoes of Earth” the spiritual successor to “New Horizons”

In the twilight of Earth’s great civilizations, we were chosen to venture to the stars in search of a new home.  But we did not travel alone.  As we slept, behind us streaked messages from Earth.  Their dream that we would not let the light of humanity extinguish.  When we awoke we listened to words spoken centuries ago.  As we gazed across the vast space and time that separated us, we hoped that Earth still lived and that the words were not the echoes of ghosts.

Today is the one year anniversary of the release of the “New Horizons” mod for Beyond Earth.  And I want to use it to announce “Echoes of Earth” the spiritual successor for Rising Tide.  Echoes of Earth is a total conversion that is full of new mechanics and new story elements.  I’ve been diligently working on it since Rising Tide came out and I am targeting one or two weeks before public release.  The initial version has been in internal play testing and I am looking to expand play testing.  If you’re interested in becoming a play tester see the bottom of this post.

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A mod creator’s perspective

What a mod creator sees when they look at a mod they are working on is different from what a user sees when they play a game with that mod.  This difference in perspective can cause miscommunications between well meaning people that make it harder for both parties to understand each other.  When bringing on new playtesters I go over some of these differences with them to help them know what kinds of information I’m looking for.  Since I will likely need to recruit more playtesters soon for “Echoes of Earth” (the Rising Tide spiritual successor to “New Horizons”) I wanted to present the information publicly.

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Energy as a failure of mechanics as metaphor

In Civilization 5 it is called Gold.  In Endless Legend it called Dust.  And in Beyond Earth it is called Energy.  The role is similar across all three games and it is reasonable to think of it as a simple palette swap but Beyond Earth makes some missteps that Civilization 5 avoided.

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