Echoes of Earth Update: The torch of Old Earth

Last week I released another update to the internal version of Echoes of Earth.  The biggest change was the new pregame loadout choices.  Colonists, Spacecraft and Cargo are all new.  Cargo has been re-imagined to be what information Old Earth is sending to the colonists through the Signal rather than what the Seedships have in their cargo bays.  You can see a picture of all the new options below.

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Echoes of Earth update: Sponsors of Humanity

A little over a month ago I “soft launched” Echoes of Earth.  Folks who participated in this CivFanatics thread could play the most recent internal version of the mod even though it wasn’t yet available to the general public on Steam Workshop.  The intervening month has been used fixing bugs, improving the User Interface and adding learning and tutorial information.  Most changes didn’t impact the core mechanics but did enhance the quality of life for users.  But last week I released an update that added new Sponsor Traits for each of the twelve factions.  You can see a picture with all the new traits below.

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