Echoes of Earth update: Sponsors of Humanity

A little over a month ago I “soft launched” Echoes of Earth.  Folks who participated in this CivFanatics thread could play the most recent internal version of the mod even though it wasn’t yet available to the general public on Steam Workshop.  The intervening month has been used fixing bugs, improving the User Interface and adding learning and tutorial information.  Most changes didn’t impact the core mechanics but did enhance the quality of life for users.  But last week I released an update that added new Sponsor Traits for each of the twelve factions.  You can see a picture with all the new traits below.


Brasilia, Slavic Federation and Pan-Asian Cooperative all play into the new identity of each of the Strategic Resources.  Titanium for Military Units, Oil for Orbital Units and Geothermal for Wonders.

ARC can generate a large amount of Energy but only if you manage your economy well.  It won’t save you if you over expand before you are ready.

Chungsu can get multiple spies online before most Colonies will have their Spy Agency complete.  Starting in the water will also make it easier to journey across the oceans to make contact with Colonies that landed on the opposite side of the world.

African Union also highlights the new Health system in Echoes of Earth.  Because each population consumes more Health than local Health can counteract Africa’s extra Global Health can enable a player to rapidly expand in the early game or grow much taller than their normal Global Health could support.

Franco-Iberia is not just a Culture Sponsor, she is also a Science Sponsor.  If you combine her with Artists and other early Culture sources you can get your first Virtue in a dozen turns and use the free Science to rush out your first technology.  Helping shave ten turns off starting your first Settler or Explorer.

Kavithan Protectorate’s ability may not look especially strong but in Echoes of Earth Culture is much rarer and natural boarder pops will not always keep up with the needs of your cities.  Her ability can save your cities from needing to build marginal defensive buildings just to get extra tiles for your citizens to work.  Tile improvements generally take longer in Echoes of Earth as well so saving 3 turns off each Farm or Academy adds up over the course of the game.

One of the new aspects of the Trade Route system is that cities that haven’t built a Trade Depot get bonus Food or Production for every Domestic Trade Route sent to them.  Most Sponsors can’t take advantage of this in more than half their cities because they don’t have the Trade Route slots.  But Polystralia’s Capital can support enough Trade Routes by itself to provide for four or more cities single-handedly.


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