Echoes of Earth update: The Signal Burden

Two weeks ago I released another small update to Echoes of Earth.  It contained an expanded Signal mechanic, new ways to generate Global Health and tweaks to Basic Resources.  These updates also lay the groundwork for the much larger upcoming Diplomacy update.

Expanded Signal Mechanics

The Signal Collector and Signal Decoder are two buildings that are unique in Echoes of Earth.  They are available from the start of the game and provide Science and Culture respectively.  Because there is no Old Earth Relic equivalent available at the start of the game if you want Culture you need to build a Decoder.  The twist is that the yields provided by these buildings fade over time.  After turn 100 (on standard speed) the buildings provide no benefit and stop costing maintenance.  While the buildings are relatively cheap it is almost always poor value to build them in cities that are founded late.  There simply isn’t enough time for them to be worth it.  To help address this these buildings are now cheaper to build in cities that are founded later.  A city founded on turn 50 will only need half the number of hammers to build a Collector or Decoder.

Another expansion to the Signal mechanics involve the LaserComm Satellite.  Currently at turn 50 the bonuses provided by the Signal is reduced.  However, if you launch a LaserComm Satellite you will get the full bonus during the second half of the Signal.  Even with a LaserComm Satellite the Signal will still end on turn 100 but if you have invested in lots of buildings or Satellites that are boosted by the Signal than being able to get the full bonuses from turn 50 to 100 will be valuable.

Global Health

Managing Global Health is critical to being able to continue expanding your colony in Echoes of Earth.  Two changes introduced in this update impact the Global Health economy.  Every health building (Clinic, PharmaLab, Optical Surgery, Organ Printer, etc) provides Global Health when you complete its quest.  It doesn’t matter what choice you take, both provide the same amount of Global Health.  This allows you to increase your Global Health over the course of the game as you unlock new health buildings.

The other change returns cities to only costing a single Global Health.  Captured cities still cost two Global Health though.  This will help make it easier to expand to more than a couple of cities in the early stages of the game.

Basic Resource changes

Basic resources now all provide one less yield and cost one energy to maintain.  While basic resource tiles should be efficient previously they blew normal tiles out of the water.  Now instead of providing more yields the advantage of basic resource tiles will be that they provide 4 yield without requiring an enhancing building.

What is next

The huge Diplomacy update is next.  It contains all new Traits and Agreements.  It will be the largest update the mod has had so far.


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