Echoes of Earth released!

splashIn the twilight of Earth’s great civilizations, we were chosen to venture to the stars in search of a new home. But we did not travel alone. As we slept, behind us streaked messages from Earth. Their dream that we would not let the light of humanity extinguish. When we awoke we listened to words spoken centuries ago. As we gazed across the vast space and time that separated us, we hoped that Earth still lived and that the words were not the echoes of ghosts.

After 6 months of development and 2 months of soft launch Echoes of Earth has been released!  You can download it from its workshop page.  The official guide has a complete run down (with pictures) of all the new mechanics and systems.

Echoes of Earth is built around four pillars: 1) Remember Earth 2) Play the Map 3) Struggle to Survive 4) Dynamic Decision Making

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