Echoes of Earth Update: Messages from Home

The “Messages from Home” update has been released!  This smaller update includes expanded Signal mechanics, UI improvements and minor bug fixes.  The most important new additional is a new way to generate Affinity points in the early game.

Signal Message Packets

Every 10 turns (on standard speed) the colony finishes downloading another packet of information send by Earth.  Previously these would show up as little notification messages in the lower right.  Now they are incorporated into the quest system and UI, making them easier to see.

These message packets are also part of a new Signal mechanic introduced in this update.  When you get a data packet you’ll advance on Affinity if you have certain Satellites in orbit.  This provides a new way to generate Affinity points in the early game.

  • Harmony: Xeno Sirens, Tacnet Hubs and Paeans
  • Purity: Miasma Repulsors, Holomatrixes and Weather Controllers
  • Supremacy: All Seers, Comm Relays and Solar Collectors

New Signal Building

The Signal Archiver is a new building that provides Diplomatic Capital.  Now you’ll have a way to accumulate the Diplomatic Capital required to get a quick Trait or Agreement without having to take Administrators or History of Earth as your pregame options.

Quality of Life enhancements

Small tweaks and corrections have been made to parts of the UI. Buildings that boost improvements will no longer have the Fungus Icon show up in their tooltip.  Buildings that boost improvements and resources will now color their tooltips to make it easier to read them at a glance.

Multiple typos and little bugs were also fixed in this update.  There was a bug with the Cytonursery quest that was fixed and Ultra Sonic Fence now shows the +1 Alien Repel range it always had.

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