Civilization 6: Initial Impressions

Civilization 6 makes multiple dramatic changes from its predecessors. It will take more time and games before it all shakes out but here are some areas I found interesting so far.

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Echoes of Earth update: Artifacts & Expeditions

With the release of Civilization 6 just around the corner what is likely to be the last update for Echoes of Earth has been released. The “Artifacts & Expeditions” contains a wide range of changes but focuses on the Expedition rewards and Artifacts.

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Virtues, Diplomatic Traits and Yield Balance

What is the difference between a Virtue and a Diplomatic Trait? At first blush this may look simple, one is acquired with Culture, the other with Diplomatic Capital, but the nuances of this question had many implications on the design of Virtues and Diplomatic Traits in the recent Echoes of Earth updates. If you’ve wondered why Virtues have broadly useful effects while Diplomatic Traits are more niche, read on.

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Echoes of Earth update: Diplomatic Affinity

The just released “Diplomatic Affinity” update includes a complete redesign of all the Diplomatic Traits. While Echoes of Earth already had unique Diplomatic Traits this second pass is designed to bring Diplomatic Traits in line with the new Virtues. The biggest change is that Diplomatic Traits now all provide a source of Affinity points! You can see pictures of all the new traits below:

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