Spirit of the Age: Expansion systems

From the first turn of a Civilization game the humble Settler is available to produce. With the benefits another city provides, what counterbalancing mechanics keeps a player from doing nothing but build city after city? In Civilization 4 the escalating maintenance costs could tank your economy. In Civilization 5 increasing technology and social policy costs could make the city a net negative for your empire. And in Civilization 6 there is no reason to stop expanding!

In Spirit of the Age I have a radical mechanic to discourage infinite city sprawl — what if you couldn’t build Settlers?

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Echoes of Earth update: Unit Maintenance

A small update for Echoes of Earth was released last week. In this post I am going to go over what was changed, why it was changed and what it means for the future development of Echoes of Earth and Spirit of the Age.

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