Combined Arms & Timing Attacks

Civilization 6, like many strategy games, has a tactical rock-paper-scissors element. Spears beat horses, horses beat swords and swords beat spears. This leads to the idea that success on the battlefield requires combined arms. Have an army made up of a mix of spears, horses and swords, where your spears are facing off against your foe’s horses, while your swords face off against their spears.

The problem with this view is that it is to small. Units do not simply exist. They have to be built. Those factors can’t be ignored just because they happened before the armies marched onto the field. As Sun Tzu said: “Victorious warriors win first and then go to war, while defeated warriors go to war first and then seek to win”.

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Civilization 6: District Guide

The new district system is the backbone of the economy in Civilization 6. If you want to succeed on Deity it is important to understand how your district choices shape your strategy and propel you toward victory. This guide will go over how each district should be evaluated when working toward different victory conditions. It will also describe how districts should be combined and placed on the map.

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Civilization 6 Strategy: Feudalism Wave

One efficient timing tactic in Civilization 6 is to use Ilkum policy (+30% Production for Builders) to have every city make a Builder just before unlocking the replacement policy, Serfdom (+2 uses for new Builders). When executed correctly this allows you to take advantage of the production bonus when making the Builders and get the extra charges out of them. I’m going to explain how set up the play and what its strategic ramifications are both before and after the wave.

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